Torn Apart:
The Partition of India, 1947

Torn Apart

A thrilling and moving account of the largest movement of people in history, telling both sides of the story through the voices of children at the heart of Partition.

It’s October 1947 and two young boys find themselves thrown together during the dramatic changes of Partition. As the new India and Pakistan are born, can the friendship between these two children rise above the tensions between the two countries?

When the British announced they would be leaving India, a feeling of hope bubbled up in towns and villages across the country – they would be free to rule themselves at last. But deciding to split the country in two – Partition – would soon mean so much more.

Historical Association Young Quills Award
Shortlisted for
The Historical Association Young Quills Award 2022

Publisher: Scholastic
Designer: Two Dots
Date: August 2021
ISBN: 9780702300417

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