Archie is off to New Zealand!

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This week on Halfway Round the World with the Haddows, the first member of Family Haddow is off to New Zealand. That’s right, our dog, Archie, has jumped aboard a flight to Singapore, where he will have a break to stretch his legs and buy a box of doggie shortbread from doggie duty free, before he gets on a flight to New Zealand for the final leg of his journey.

It was an emotional goodbye, though Archie was in high spirits and very excited to meet Peter the handler. We are missing him so much so I apologise if you find members of Family Haddow hanging around the dog park, looking for dogs to cuddle.

Here we are, trying to get a final selfie with Archie, outside our home…

…That’s Phoenix, giving Archie a huge cuddle before saying goodbye…

…And here’s Archie in Singapore, investigating lots of new sights and smells.

You might be wondering why Archie set off without us. It’s not because we asked him to go ahead and sort out a place for us to stay because we would all end up on a tiny couch with him if he had his way. It’s because New Zealand has rules about pets entering the country and one of those is that dogs must spend ten days in quarantine before they can be allowed into New Zealand legally.

The quarantine area is based near the airport and when we arrive next month we can go straight to Archie and pick him up. It will be a Family Haddow reunion full of hugs, kisses, nose boops and belly tickles.

Safe travels, my love, my Archie. We will see you very soon.

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    Just heard that Archie has arrived safe and sound and he’s charming all the humans who work in the kennels. So proud of our bravest, goodest boy.
    Luckily for us, this isn’t just a holiday; this is a Family Haddow emigration and we can’t wait! If you are ever in the south Pacific neighbourhood, you must come and say hello.

  2. Kia Ora Archie!

    I hope he’s getting loads of cuddles at the kennels. He’s such a happy guy, I’m not surprised he’s charming the staff.

  3. Love and hugs from Poh Poh to you Archie! We had a great 2 weeks together despite you structuring my day !
    Will see you soon

  4. Murrey has been shown Archie’s superstar photos. He thinks if we could get a photo of him on our tee shirts it would project him to stardom as well! He sends a big woof to you all

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