Storylines Tour: Day Four

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Today, we headed to the North Shore. Heather and Raymond joined me at Birkenhead Primary where Heather and I spoke to Years 4 and 5 about our picture books.

Once we had dropped Heather, Raymond and Andrew off at their second locations, Peter took me on a quick tour of the beautiful harbour at Devonport. Though I know I will be home tomorrow, homesickness has taken hold and the sound of water lapping the shore was just what my soul needed.

My next event was with Devonport Library who were hosting Years 1 to 4 from St. Leo’s and Year 5 from Devonport Primary. With today being the official publication day of Bad Panda, the lovely staff and pupils let me host an impromptu Bad Panda book launch.

I read from the book for the very first time and we created sixty brand new Bad Panda stories together. And we were even joined by The Devonport Flagstaff.

I rounded off my day, teamed up with Raymond, for our final Thursday visit to meet Years 0 to 4 at St. John’s School. I had a blast meeting all the children and Raymond and I loved getting them excited about creating art and books.

My favourite question of the day: I have two of your Dave Pigeon books and they are quite, quite, quite, quite, quite good.

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