The Dave Pigeon Launch Party

Swapna Haddow Roosting With Dave 8 Comments

Yesterday, the brilliant Pickled Pepper Books hosted our Dave Pigeon launch party. There was bunting. There was cake. There were crafts. And there were enough jammy biscuits to feed a small nation.

The party celebrated the launch of my debut book Dave Pigeon: How to Deal with Bad Cats and Keep (most of) Your Feathers. Illustrated by the amazingly talented Sheena Dempsey and published by animal-loving publisher Faber&Faber, the book tells the story of two plucky pigeons who are writing their autobiography of revenge. When asked, I often describe the book as the Hunger Games for pigeons and cats. Only not the Hunger Games at all. It’s more about two hungry pigeons and an even hungrier cat and they are all a bit rubbish at games.

Here is a photo montage of our wonderful afternoon at Pickled Pepper Books, dedicated to absolutely everyone who came along to the launch and to those who weren’t there but sent us their wonderful messages of support. It’s means the world to me to see so many people back our Dave on his journey to the bookshelves.

With love and feathers


IMG_1165Husband and cub dressed for the occasion

DSC_0008Pickled Pepper Books also dressed up for the Dave Pigeon Launch



DSC_0027Fabulous feather glitter tattoos, courtesy of my lovely little sister

DSC_0025Our budding artists decorating their bird gliders

DSC_0033When your sister-in-law turns up with the most incredible surprise: AN ACTUAL DAVE PIGEON CAKE (no pigeons were harmed in the making of this cake)

DSC_0044Speechy things with our birdrilliant editor Alice

DSC_0062 Story time

DSC_0085Signing, signing, signing

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  1. Looks like a great launch party! Congratulations on all the wonder work you have done!

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  3. Had a great time please ask James to check messenger! My feather tattoo went down a treat we are now the Pigeon family! X

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    Fantastic! Thanks so much for coming along. I will pass the message on to James x

  5. I’m so glad the launch went well. What a great round up post! I notice your cake was rather upstaged, I’m sure it hurts to talk about it! I have also just managed to prize your book away from my seven year old long enough to read it. I cried laughing, sware it’s true, stick a peanut in my eye! Seriously, thank you for sharing your genius with the world in printed form. I can’t wait to read more!

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    Thank you so much Emily! That’s the loveliest thing to hear. Book two is in the works as I type this, pigeons promise

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