Dave Pigeon: one year on

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I’m knee-deep in a second round of edits for Dave Pigeon and here’s where I’m at:




Since the last time I’d heard from my editor there had been a lot of thinking. A LOT. Everything I had changed from the original version I wanted to undo whilst still keeping the new plot I had developed, all the while updating the humour to keep it fresh. Oh and I quite wanted to change the entire writing device of the book.

And then there is the overwhelming fear that this book will one day actually be on shelves and people may actually read it. Or worse, not.

That’s why I’m glad for my agent. Mine doesn’t reassure me I’m not mad. Instead she does comfort me with the knowledge that every writer goes through this. We’re all mad! For the last few weeks, I’ve been glued to my desk, slashing away at my story and have bravely hit the ‘send’ button on my email with the latest version winging its way to my editor. Now I sit tight and pray to the writing gods that it will be well received.

This time last year I was finishing the first ever draft of Dave Pigeon, readying to send it in for the Greenhouse Funny Prize. I can’t help but feel butterflies for every writer out there who is in the same position this year.

Good luck to all the writers. Dave and I are crossing fingers and feathers for you.

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