Fun Stuff

Help Dave to Find the Biscuit

Get ready to solve the maze.

Help Hungry Dave

Dave Pigeon’s Pigeontastic Puzzle

Help Dave find the lost words.

Dave's Word Search

Join Skipper’s Writing Club

Write your own Dave story.

Join Skipper's Writing Club

Join Agent Fienne and the I.P.L.O.P

Agent Fienne needs you.

Join the I.P.L.O.P.

Have a Dave Pigeon Makeover

Make a Dave Pigeon mask.

Make your own Dave Pigeon Mask

Dave Pigeon’s Festive Decorations

Make your own baubles.

Dave Pigeon's Festive Decorations

Dave Pigeon Race Day Flags

Make your own flags.

Make your own Dave Pigeon flags

Find out your true pigeon name

What’s your pigeon name?

What's your pigeon name?

Which Dave Pigeon Character are you?

Find out which ‘Dave Pigeon’ character you would be if you stepped into a Dave Pigeon book.

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