Fun Stuff

Help Dave to Find the Biscuit

Help Hungry Dave

Dave Pigeon’s Pigeontastic Puzzle

Dave's Word Search

Join Skipper’s Writing Club

Join Skipper's Writing Club

Join Agent Fienne and the I.P.L.O.P

Join the I.P.L.O.P.

Have a Dave Pigeon Makeover

Make your own Dave Pigeon Mask

Dave Pigeon’s Maths Mystery

Dave Pigeon Math's Mystery

Dave Pigeon Race Day Flags

Make your own Dave Pigeon flags

Find out your true pigeon name

What's your pigeon name?

Dave Pigeon’s Festive Decorations

Dave Pigeon's Festive Decorations

Dave Pigeon Needs Some Royal Robes

Design Dave a new outfit

Create Your Own Royal Pigeon

Create your own Royal Pigeon sibling

Design a brand new royal animal

Design a brand new royal animal

The Royal Coo Wordsearch

The Dave Pigeon (Royal Coo!) wordsearch

Colour in the Dave Pigeon Scene

Colouring in activity sheet

Skipper’s Writing Club is back

Imagine a day in the life of a royal pigeon

Draw Your Own Royal Banquet

Draw your own Royal Banquet

The other Royal Coo Wordsearch

It's another wordsearch!

Skipper interviews Swapna and Sheena

Swapna Haddow and Sheena Dempsey answer Skipper's questions

Swapna Haddow’s Writing Top Tips

Swapna Haddow's Writing Tips

Dave Pigeon Story Starters

Dave Pigeon Story Starters

Little Rabbit’s Big Wordsearch

LRBS Word Search

Help Little Rabbit with her Big Maze

Little Rabbit's Big Maze

Make a Matchbox Bed for the Ballet Bunnies

Ballet Bunnies Matchbox Bed

Help Millie find her ballet bag

Ballet Bunnies Maze

Write your own ‘Me’ Poem

Write Your Own 'Me' Poem

Make your own Grizzly Bear Mask

Make your own Grizzly Bear Mask

Cooking for Mum Reading Guide

Cooking With Mum Reading Guide

Which Dave Pigeon character are you?

Find out which ‘Dave Pigeon’ character you would be if you stepped into a Dave Pigeon book.

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Swapna’s Booky Jigsaw Puzzle

Have a go at Swapna Haddow’s jumbled up jigsaw puzzle. Can you finish it in record time?

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Swapna’s Authorfy 10 Minute Challenge

Swapna Haddow challenges you to write a story from the perspective of an animal.

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Swapna and Sheena talk about Dave Pigeon

Watch Swapna Haddow and Sheena Dempsey talk about their series ‘Dave Pigeon’.

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Little Rabbit’s Big Surprise story time

Time to sit back, snuggle up and listen to Swapna Haddow read ‘Little Rabbit’s Big Surprise’.

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