Author Visits

Dave Pigeon: How to Deal with Bad Cats and Keep (most of) Your FeathersDave Pigeon: How to Deal with Bad Cats and Keep (most of) Your Feathers

Meet the award-winning author of the Dave Pigeon books

Swapna offers creative and flexible workshops designed to inspire children by demystifying the writing process, showing them how much fun creating stories and characters can be. Her workshops are aimed at primary school aged children and there is flexibility in content and length to fit the ages of the pupils and the requirements of the event.

Based on characters from her books, Swapna facilitates story-writing and character-creation workshops, highlighting the importance of imagination and creativity. Children go on to develop ideas with an emphasis on creating fun characters, working collaboratively, plotting stories from beginning to end and understanding the importance of an original voice.

Online visits
Swapna offers online visits so now you can have an author visit from Swapna wherever you are in the world!

Please note that Swapna is based in New Zealand. For further information and to book an event for your school, library or festival, please contact