Stokey Literary Festival 2016

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It’s Sunday. It’s finally stopped raining. What better way is there to celebrate the end of half term but delighting in books at the Stoke Newington Literary Festival?


Today I was without my trusty partner-in-crime, Sheena Dempsey, so my mission was to recruit young illustrators and designers to help me fill their London gardens with bird feeders for our pigeon friends. And Stoke Newington did not fail to deliver.


After story time, the children got to work designing their bird feeders to give pigeons a safe place to eat their jammy biscuits and croissants without the fear of being pounced upon by naughty cats, hungry for a feathery snack.


And what a brilliant job these budding artists did. Here are some of the bird feeders from today’s workshop.


After, we got to work penning a new adventure for Dave and Skipper. It was full of picnics and cat fights, an electrifying escalator and a mad dash on a scooter to The End where the pigeons found their way to the safety of their bird feeder.


I had such a blast today and thank you so much to everyone who looked after me at Stokey. It was such a brilliant festival and I can’t say thank you enough for the BEST goodie bag ever.

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