Ballet Bunnies:
Millie’s Birthday

The Legend of Pemba in 'Wish Upon A Snowflake'

It’s Millie’s birthday and the Ballet Bunnies are coming to stay at her house!

She’s going to have a ballet-themed party with all of her friends but she’ll need to do is keep the Ballet Bunnies hidden from everyone, including her mum. How hard can that be?

When everyone arrives Millie starts to feel a bit anxious. The party is so loud, and she feels a bit out of control. Can the Ballet Bunnies help her to find her courage and get into the party spirit?

With a Ballet Bunny on your side, fun and laughter are never far away.

The Ballet Bunnies series is written by Swapna Reddy, a pseudonym for Swapna Haddow and illustrated throughout by the award-winning illustrator Binny Talib.

Publisher: Oxford University Press
Date: September 2020
Illustrations: Binny Talib
ISBN: 97801927748735

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