Ballet Bunnies:
The New Class

Ballet Bunnies: The New Class'

Learning to ballet dance is harder than Millie expected.

The other dancers in the class aren’t very nice to her either. But just when she thinks that maybe ballet isn’t for her after all, Millie meets the Ballet Bunnies!

The Ballet Bunnies live hidden in the ballet school, using what they find to make their home – ballet shoes for beds, upside down cups for tables – and they secretly take ballet classes with the humans.

Maybe the Ballet Bunnies can help Millie master some new ballet skills after all…

The Ballet Bunnies series is written by Swapna Reddy, a pseudonym for Swapna Haddow and illustrated throughout by the award-winning illustrator Binny Talib.

The Guardian Children's Books of the Month
The Guardian ‘Children’s Books of the Month’
October 2020

Publisher: Oxford University Press
Date: September 2020
Illustrations: Binny Talib
ISBN: 9780192774859

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