Dave Pigeon (Bookshop Mayhem!)

Dave Pigeon Bookshop Mayhem

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Dave Pigeon and best friend Skipper finally have their very own World Book Day book!

They are on the hunt for biscuits and good story as per usual so where better to go than a bookshop?

Only, pigeons aren’t exactly welcome in bookshops. Feather-flapping chaos ensues with inevitably hilarious results!

A laugh-out-loud story featuring the much-loved character, Dave Pigeon, which promotes a love of bookshops and their Human Booksellers and encourages children to get reading.

With black and white illustrations throughout from Sheena Dempsey, this is perfect for emerging readers.

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Publisher: Faber & Faber
Date: February 2023
Illustrations: Sheena Dempsey
ISBN: 9780571380329

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