King Cat

King Cat

When the old queen died, little did the kingdom know that she had left her beloved cat in charge.

King Cat requires six hundred and forty-three naps a day, eats only the finest salmon from the lake and his milk must be served in a golden chalice.

Soon enough the kingdom begins to despair, without a proper ruler in charge. But will anyone be able to come up with a solution?

This highly engaging picture book, illustrated throughout by Max Rambaldi, is designed to be read out loud to children aged 5-6 years old and helps expose your child to rich language and curriculum-linked vocabulary.

This book includes key terms from History and the topic area of kings and queens.

‘These books are a great start to addressing the wider curriculum and the vocabulary issues that schools are identifying’ – Assistant Head, Primary Academy.

The Bug Club Shared books are highly engaging, beautifully illustrated stories designed to be read out loud to children. The programme exposes children to rich, curriculum-linked vocabulary, helping to build an understanding across school subjects and cultivate a love for reading.

Publisher: Pearson Education Limited
Date: April 2020
Illustrator: Max Rambaldi
ISBN: 9780435201654

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