Reggie Rabbit:
The Ghost of Seagull Rock

Reggie Rabbit: The Ghost of Seagull Rock

Young detective Reggie Rabbit isn’t sure about his partner Pipsquark’s friend, Kai. The seagull seems too perfect to be true and she tells UNBELIEVABLE stories!

Kai says that a terrible, wailing ghost is haunting her home in Seagull Rock. All VERY suspicious, Reggie thinks, since ghosts don’t even exist! But when he and Pipsquark come face-to-face with the phantom, he begins to wonder…

A real ghost? Or a mystery with a very simple answer? It will take all of Reggie and Pipsquark’s detective skills and bravery to crack this case!

Written by award-winning author Swapna Haddow, as ‘Swapna Reddy’, and illustrated by highly-celebrated illustrator Becka Moor, this is the second book in the Reggie Rabbit detective series.

Publisher: Oxford University Press
Date: September 2024
Illustrations: Becka Moor
ISBN: 9780192788313

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