Reggie Rabbit:
The Great Carrot Heist

Reggie Rabbit The Great Carrot Heist

Reggie Rabbit wants to be a big-shot detective in Bearburgh City, just like his hero, Detective Fox. His parents have other ideas: they would rather he stayed at home and worked on their vegetable stall.

But when a carrot-snatching crime wave hits the canals, the family stall is in danger of closing. Even worse, the famous Detective Fox won’t take the case. Reggie needs to step in, and his best lead is the new parakeet at school, Pipsquark, who has heard rumours of foul (or should that be fowl) play.

Can this tiny, fluffy detective brave the big city to crack the case?

Written by award-winning author Swapna Haddow, as ‘Swapna Reddy’, and illustrated by highly-celebrated illustrator Becka Moor, this is the first book in the Reggie Rabbit detective series.

Publisher: Oxford University Press
Date: May 2024
Illustrations: Becka Moor
ISBN: 9780192788337

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