A Winter Surprise
in One Snowy Night

The Legend of Pemba in 'Wish Upon A Snowflake'

Jumbie the squirrel is determined to host the best woodland party his friends have ever seen but not everything goes to plan. Read Swapna Haddow’s ‘A Winter Surprise’ in One Snowy Night and follow Jumbie’s journey as he learns to accept help in this wintery tale of friendship.

On a snowy night, a boy befriends a yeti, and a rabbit helps Jack Frost sprinkle ice and snow. This collection of cosy animal stories, perfect for bedtime reading, is beautifully illustrated by Alison Edgson. Featuring much-loved authors including Holly Webb, Jeanne Willis, Linda Chapman and Swapna Haddow, this is the ideal Christmas gift for sharing as a family.

Publisher: Little Tiger Press Group
Date: October 2018
Illustrations: Alison Edgson
ISBN: 9781847159595

You can purchase One Snowy Night from your local independent bookshop.