Kaikorai Primary School ‘Paws For Reading’ Book Week

Swapna HaddowPawsome News, Roosting With Dave, The Bad Panda Club

After having to cancel my book week events at Kaikorai Primary School due to COVID, I was finally able to visit today to make up for lost time.

It was wonderful to be back at the school where my own mancub had been a pupil and to see their brand new hall.

I started my day with the Juniors and we had a Grizzly Bear-tastic event, hearing My Dad is a Grizzly Bear and drawing bears of our very own.

I then met with Years 3 and 4 and we created 100 brand new ideas for Bad Panda which is quite handy because I may have a couple more books in the series up my sleeve. We heard about Lin meeting heavily-moustached men and water dragons and riding rafts to the middle of the Amazonian river.

The Seniors did not let down with their imaginations when it came to an afternoon of creating new Dave Pigeon stories. I let them in on some top secret Dave Pigeon news and they created some new adventures for Mean Cat which saw her meeting a new enemy in a character called Greedy Cat and investing in a fleet of supercars to drive down the streets of Dunedin.

Thank you so much to the staff and pupils who made my day at Kaikorai Primary so fantastically fun.