World Book Day with Churchwood Primary

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Yesterday, I spent World Book Day with the keyworker pupils of Churchwood Primary. I beamed in from New Zealand to the school in East Sussex to first meet with the Infants for a My Dad is a Grizzly Bear reading. This was the very first time I was reading the book to anyone so it was very exciting.

We then created our very own bears using scavenger hunt items and the children did a beartastic job creating lots of interesting shapes.

I then met with the Juniors for a Dave Pigeon plotting workshop where I revealed all my secret tips for making sure stories don’t fizzle towards the end when you are writing a page-turner.

There were stories about bouncy balls, deserts, libraries and even tissue boxes! I had so much fun inventing story plans with these brilliant young writers.

Thank you so much to the pupils and staff of Churchwood Primary Academy for making my World Book Day so special.